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Social Media Goals for Small Businesses

If you are a small business how do you know what your goals for social media should be? The best place to start is asking questions. Are you a new brand or established? Do you have followers already but maybe not getting much engagement?

When I start a new plan with a client I delve into these questions and more. I have found that most companies will fall into one of two categories. One is that you have a brand (with followers) but it is muddy (you aren't sure why), you aren't getting engagement that you want on your social accounts and you don't really see a difference in sales (you aren't even REALLY sure how to measure this).

The other category is that you are a new business and you really have no idea what the heck you do with social platforms to get followers, find a voice or brand yourself - so why bother with social media?

This second category is the equivalent of the teen acne years of a business' online presence. As I write this blog my own business, newly started, is in this stage. I am writing not only to the audience I have now but the one I want. This is a vulnerable place to be as a business but it is also priceless! You get to be anything you want when you grow up and the fact that you are here reading this might keep you from making the mistakes that result in the other category.

So let's start here. As a new business your main goal is getting followers through which you can build your brand and showcase your expertise. Let's start by creating an example business. Let's say we have Chico's Chillers opening up. It's a new coffee shop that specializes in blended drinks.

Chico's Chillers has already made a mistake!!!!

Do you want to buy chillers in the winter? Imagine, you are freezing and heading to the mall (post Covid, of course) and you want to stop and get a frosty chiller? Nope. You want a hot chocolatey something or pumpkin spice that. Ok so, if you were Chico's Chillers and you've already picked the name - it's on all the cups and you started this in summer... now what?

This is exactly how businesses then pivot to try and stay in business. But they have a name and now need to rebrand their image or completely change the name altogether. So Chico's Chillers need to figure out if they can salvage their name. If this is a new business with little presence online and not a lot of customers I would suggest changing the name now, while they still can without losing momentum. If a name change is not in the cards then the next step would be the brand. The brand is the idea others have of your business, so you can change your brand by changing their minds (assuming the name if flexible enough).

Chico's Chillers decides to focus on chilling. Not the drink but the act of chilling. Suddenly there are hashtags like #chillinginchico that showcase customers drinking cold drinks, hot drinks, and that pumpkin spice latte while chilling in Bidwell Park. Suddenly the brand is about self-care and local community. It's about relaxing and indulging.

Now, they know their brand - and more importantly the community knows it - so what is the point of social media? To drive sales.

At this point in a business' marketing the goal shifts from creating the brand and getting a following, to driving sales. As an established business, you now have the power to influence WHAT they order, not just that they order from you. Now you want them to focus on that Lavender Mocha not the Pumpkin Latte... we are going from fall to winter here, people!

On social media you can turn your loyal customers into your extended salesforce. Ask them to take cute selfies with their drinks or share their favorite seasonal beverage. Be careful though, you can't just be narcissistic. Show them you care! Like and follow their businesses. Share the love.

Wanna learn more about what your business goals should be? Shoot me an email and we can connect. I am always happy to start a conversation.

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