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Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency & integrity

Sarah Fontaine grew up in a very secretive world-wide fundamentalist cult. It's a cult that claims to have no name (often referred to by outsiders as 2x2s), which is just the beginning of what makes this cult just like all the others but also so very uniquely different. Sarah was raised for the sole purpose of devoting her life to God through service and sacrifice in a deeply misogynistic culture. 

Every part of her life was controlled - either by the cult or by her family and abuse was rampant. Technology was considered a gateway for the devil, so things like radio and TV were forbidden, and science or medical care was only considered in the direst of emergencies. Formal education was also discouraged, so Sarah didn't begin attending public school until she was about 10. She struggled to assimilate and experienced horrific bullying at the hands of her peers, eventually testing out of high school to escape the abuses at home. Somehow Sarah was able to overcome and build a new identity and life, even legally changing her last name in honor of her Granny - Penny Fontaine. 

She now holds degrees from California State University, Chico after graduating with honors in Sociology, Psychology, and Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2014. She likes to explain her passion for these subjects as all the internal and external reasons why we do what we do and why we feel how we feel. 

Sarah founded her non-profit in 2015 and continues to serve as the director for Fontaine Foundation, which provides basic necessities to those in need, such as diapers and incontinence supplies. She started her own business, Pearl Consulting, in 2020 and continues to use it to raise awareness of cults and coercion, while also working full-time for a people-first SEO company. The irony of having a successful career in the male-dominated field of technology is not lost on her.  

Sarah is a very proud single mama of Felix and Jasper.

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