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Finding Your Online Village as a Business

So many times people, especially business owners, struggle to find the value in social media. Networking used to be only with your neighbors, friends, and family. But I am here to give you an example from my personal life of what social media can do.

Some time ago I was added to a Facebook group. It was focused on bringing together like-minded individuals that wanted to practice the concept of one man's trash is another's treasure. Individuals focus on giving their "trash" a new life, to share the bounty they have and generally help one another consume less and be the village we all need.

Imagine people who don't know each other sharing power tools, ladders, fruit, plant starts, and other random stuff. A giver makes a post and those who are interested politely ask to be considered for the item.

One such giver recently posted a photo of a foosball table. I thought of my friend, Linda and how much fun I have had in the past playing. I thought of my kiddos and how it would be a fun activity for them. So, I posted my comment that I would love to be considered.

Funny enough, Linda ended up winning it! I was a little bummed at first but no one loves foosball more than her so it felt right that she would win. I later saw her post on her Facebook newsfeed asking her friends if anyone had a truck that was willing to assist with moving the table. Unbeknownst to me, it ended up being much smaller than she had anticipated. Think coffee table rather than kitchen table size.

Now, here I am working away and look out the window. I see Linda and my other friend Ted (with a truck) pull up outside my house, both are wearing masks. Next thing I know Linda and Ted are hauling in a foosball table for me! It is perfect little kiddo height and, boy, did I cry. My kiddos have yet to come home and see it but I know they will squeal with delight when they see it.

What does this have to do with social media for businesses that aren't in need of a foosball table for little kids? EVERYTHING! Imagine that someone needs a service and village starts promoting YOUR business. Imagine that your business is in need of something and the online village recommends a long list of qualified service providers, or better yet, the very thing you are in need of.

The village on social media isn't just for single moms like me, it's for businesses like yours. But how does one find the village? By being open, authentic, and just in our dealings with others. The more we open up to our community, the more our community can get behind us.

One thing I love to help businesses with is finding the message and tone of their business, then promoting and sharing that across social media. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions. Even if you can't afford the monthly commitment for media management services, I can help provide a comprehensive online audit with actionable items that can help you fine-tune your online presence.

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