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Online Marketing in the age of Covid

In the age of Covid, while furloughed from the web design firm I had been working with, I had time to consider how I saw businesses handling themselves and their livelihoods across the internet.

It was very clear to me that businesses that didn't have a clear company culture and a willingness to adapt wouldn't survive the strain of the pandemic. Employees found themselves seeing their employer's true colors - many of which weren't very pretty.

For those businesses that were essential, they needed a way to let people know if they were open or how their service had changed. Unless those businesses had a robust online presence, they quickly found themselves scrambling and often relying on loyal customers to catch the "looking for recommendation" posts on Facebook and advocate for them (and hopefully with the correct information). I have posted a screenshot to a great local restaurant that was still getting these kinds of questions despite having their own Facebook that has a substantial following.

These days it is not enough to just have your name on a few platforms, instead you need to have clear messaging in a consistent tone that is strategic and be active. For many business owners they are so busy doing what they do best that they don't have time to maintain this type of marketing campaign. They will often first try having any employee do it. Unless you are Tim the Cowboy on Twitter, this usually falls flat. When owners don't see results they will often assume that is just the way it is on social media when in reality it's because the approach wasn't informed and strategic. Even in the case of Tim the Cowboy, Seth from Marketing is still curating the content like when he stole Tim's FAVORITE coffee mug.

Pearl Consulting was founded on the belief that we can take something unexpected (like a grain of sand) and make it into something beautiful (like a pearl). I decided to take my furlough in stride and build a business that would reflect my desire for a more sustainable lifestyle. By working from home I would be reducing my carbon footprint and unnecessary exposure during the pandemic. By owning my own business I would be free to help those that need me but not lose sight of a healthy work-life balance.

I help businesses focus on their branding/messaging and their online presence through content writing, social media, and search engine optimization. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help your business be more successful!

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