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Making Effective Social Media Posts.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

A question I often get is: "Isn't posting on social media hard?" In the following post we will break down key points to make managing your social media platforms, well, more manageable.

What platforms are you on? It is important to focus on the same platforms your ideal client will be on most at the times they will be using them. Looking for professionals with money to spend? Don't go to Instagram at 11:00 am on a Tuesday.

Once you are on the right platforms focus on the type of posts that will be relevant to your audience. Avoid posting things that might confuse the reader as to your reason for posting. Less is always more in a post. Keep it simple.

What are your competitors doing? Want to see examples of what to post or not? Look at your leading competitors. What are they doing right and where can you do better?

You will know if what they (or you) are doing is right by the level of engagement their posts are getting. Are people reacting positively? Are they just "liking" it or "loving" it? Are people commenting? These are all indicators of how well a post is doing.

Set benchmarks. Are you doing well if you get five likes on a post? The answer to this depends on what your average level of engagement is. Set attainable goals for your posts while tracking what is working so you know where to focus.

Want to learn more about what metrics you should be using? Do you need help getting a game plan outlined? Reach out to Pearl Consulting today to learn more about how to make your posts more effective.

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